Ubud Airport Transfer

Ubud Airport Transfer by Darma Tour is a reliable transportation service operating in Ubud, Bali. With a strong reputation for excellent customer service, they specialize in providing convenient and efficient transfers to and from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Their private transfer service ensures exclusive use of a vehicle, offering personalized and comfortable transportation options for individuals or groups. With experienced drivers and a commitment to punctuality, Darma Tour ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable journey for their customers.


Small Group

Large Group

Airport Transfer Vehicle Options

Standard cars can accommodate up to 4 passengers without luggage

SUVs can accommodate up to 6 passengers without luggage

Travel in big groups with private door-to-door van transfers for a fixed rate

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Booking Term & Condition

Reservation and Confirmation:
a. Clearly state the process for making reservations, including required information and booking channels (online, phone, email, etc.).
b. Specify the timeframe for confirming bookings and any necessary deposit or payment requirements.

Cancellation and Refunds:
a. Define the cancellation policy, including deadlines for cancellations and any associated fees or penalties.
b. Outline the refund policy, detailing the conditions under which refunds may be provided and the refund processing timeframe.

Changes and Modifications:
a. Explain the procedure for making changes to bookings, such as date, time, or passenger details.
b. Address any limitations or charges associated with modifications.

Airport Procedures:
a. Provide clear instructions on where and how to meet the driver or representative at the airport.
b. Clarify waiting times and the process for handling flight delays, including any applicable waiting fees.

Safety and Liability:
a. Highlight safety measures and precautions taken during the transfer service.
b. Define liability limitations for the service provider and any responsibilities of the customer regarding their personal belongings.

Pricing and Payment:
a. Clearly state the pricing structure, including the base fare, additional charges (if any), and the currency used.
b. Specify the accepted payment methods and any required payment timelines or procedures.

Vehicle and Service Quality:
a. Describe the type of vehicles used for transfers and the expected service quality, such as cleanliness, comfort, and professionalism of the drivers.
b. Address any potential vehicle upgrades or substitutions that may occur.

Force Majeure:
a. Include a force majeure clause to address unforeseen circumstances beyond either party’s control (e.g., natural disasters, political unrest) and their impact on bookings and services.

Dispute Resolution:
a. Outline the process for resolving disputes or conflicts that may arise during or after the service, such as mediation or arbitration.

Confidentiality and Privacy:
a. Address the handling of personal information and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.